Sales and Maintenance

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Our comprehensive service includes the sale, maintenance, and installation of our battery tyres and golf carts.

We’re passionate about our products and aim to enhance your golf cart experience, whether you are a private owner, or have a fleet of golf carts under your responsibility.

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Our sales team knows the ins and outs of our products and their way around a golf cart. If you would like advice on how our products can help you, or need a demonstration or a quote, you can contact our team through the channels below or by visiting our premises.

+230 52575806 / +230 57186915
+230 57101334


Got any questions about your product or need repairs? Our team of certified experts is available from Monday to Friday, 9:00 am – 17:00 pm, to assist you, whether it be for a battery or tyre-related issue. Please get in touch with us by calling us on the following numbers:

+230 52575806 / +230 57186915
+230 57101334

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